Mr. Larkin, Mr. Kyle Larkin. Mr. Samuels, Mr. Paul Samuels. Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Robert Jenkins…

We are back in the airport now, returned from whence we came. (They are calling people to the office, or whatever.) It doesn’t quite feel like it is over — after all, I am still using cell phone internet on Mr. Laptop, and we are pushing our bags around on Mr. Cart, and Josh just asked if I could give him directions from Mr. Map.

But in a few hours we will be watching 36 channels of DirecTV as we take our 4 hour cross country flight. Then trusty Lance will pick us up in the Previa (Mr. Previa? Ms. Previa???) and bring us home, and that will be that! So perhaps some thanks are in order.

(Ms. Snow, Ms. Tinnaeus Snow, please report to gate B31…)

Mr. Young for driving us to the airport
Jay and his friends for getting us a place to stay in and showing us around Vegas
(Mr. Curry, Mr. Sean Curry, please come to a payphone at the courtesy booth…)
Noah, who gave us wireless internet and put us up in Los Angeles
Allison and Mike, for putting us up in San Francisco, and not to mention cooking us food and taking us to a Giants game! (And the lovely Taemi, we’ll never forget her)
Cedar, Faith, Tate, Aaron, and Steve for letting us stay in their awesome house in Portland, and playing with us, and just being cool in general
Shaked for playing with us in Portland, and giving us good advice
The park rangers and ambulance squad who helped get Jesse from the beach to the hospital
Jesse for being a good sport even when he couldn’t stay on the trip with us
Lou, for playing with us in Seattle
Roberto, whose netshop in Vancouver gave us 2 hours of fun
Diane, for giving us advice and a ride to a bus stop, and inadvertently taking us to a great party
The idiots at the party in Vancouver who let us get free beer and food even though we had most decidedly not RSVP’d
Karen, for giving us a place to stay and showing us around Vancouver. And Vanessa for offering a place and showing us around too.
Jordan, whose Hebrew heritage offered us comfort in the foreign land of Victoria.
Sean and Nathan, who gracefully introduced us to Jordan (thus getting us free beer) and then brought us to a bar/lounge for great fun
Dale, a middle aged ex teacher who we met on the Anacortes ferry.
Lance, who is going to pick us up tonight, and did an amazing thing by scanning our birth certificates and passports so we could go to Canada.
(Mr. Kerry, Mr Sean Kerry and Mr. Pike, Mr John Pike, please go to a white courtesy telephone…)

Is that all? Surely it is not! This trip was made possible by the efforts of so many people besides ourselves. Thank you to everyone and see you all soon!

(A final addition: Walter and all the people at Enterprise for renting us a minivan and apparently driving Josh and Ethan to the airport — they just arrived!)

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