Back in the states

June 10th, 2006

We had a funny realization the other day. For the first time, instead of heading North and West, we are heading South and East. This means we are on the last leg of the trip. We’ve been out here for a while now, and even though home is looking mighty nice, I don’t think any of us is quite ready to return yet.

We got back from British Columbia on Thursday. We spent 3 nights there, and each was wonderfully absurd in its own way. We made some friends in Vancouver and Victoria, and I basically conclude that people in Canada are really, really nice. Highlights include getting travel tips from a random woman named Diane, crashing a party that required RSVP, seeing the sun set on a beach in Vancouver (which you, yes YOU really ought to do one day — there will be pictures), finding the only Jew under 60 in Victoria, etc. etc.

As for now, we are on rainy day schedule near Glacier National Park, which is in northern Montana. So we are seeing the Da Vinci Code. Maybe we will hike tomorrow. We’re working on getting our pictures uploaded, so check back in the next day or two for them.

Less than sign three

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