Changes and Updates

June 5th, 2006

We dropped Jesse off yesterday at the Seattle airport. I don’t think we realized what was going on at the time. We knew that the group dynamic had just changed, but we weren’t quite experiencing it yet.

We left the airport and drove into downtown Seattle, spent some time hanging out with Jeremy’s friend Lou, and then drove up to Anacortes for the ferry to Victoria. We finally sat down for dinner around 10pm. At this point the change really hit me. We ate only one box of pasta, we fit comfortably at the table, and we didn’t have enough people to carry on a side conversation.

Some things remain the same, as they should. We still have one can of Pepper Steak soup that we’re afraid to eat, and we still call our camping supplies by their proper names (Mr. Knife, Mr. Lantern, Mr. and Mrs. Pots and Pans.) The feeling has changed though, and we are all wishing for Jesse’s speedy recovery as we continue on.

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