Man Down!

June 5th, 2006

For those of you who don’t know yet: Yesterday, I fell off a cliff. Ruby Beach, Washington. Dropped twenty feet down and then, lots of rocks. Lots of abrasions and lacerations too. I can’t walk anymore. I went from a lot of walking, to, well, None. I hit the ground and did one of those run-hand-thru-hair-and-look-at-now-bloodied-hand. Yeah. Then i tried to walk, and my ankles like, rolled out from under me. It was gross. Then I got an ambulance ride (where they cut all the clothes off my body) and a nice four-hour hospital stay. I stayed up all night in agonizing pain, which the two vicatins (sp?) suprisingly didn’t help that much. Then i five hour flight, with a bitchy old woman and a smelly fat person squishing me inbetween the reruns of King of the Hill (i fucking hate that show). I’m back in NY, at my parents’ house. sleeping on a pullout couch, watching old episodes of the Simpsons and surrounded by cats.

So it’s one man down, four to go and the odds are in their favour, as are the gods. I wish i could continue traveling with those four crazy little fuckers, but alas, i have to watch my feet swell up to the size of, well, fat man feet and listen to “Rock Lobster” a whole bunch of times to irk the rest of the household (the only sinister satisfaction i will probably be able to get in the coming weeks. The last two weeks of the trip were amazing and i’m so glad i didn’t slip off the side of mountain before seeing the majority of the west coast. The painkillers are kicking in, I doubled the dosage. It’s time to lie down now. I’ll write more tomorrow (god knows i’ll have plenty of time.) Oh, and if yr. in NY, come fucking visit my gimpy ass!

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