Update: We are about 110 miles from Portland now. We finally have internet, so I am making this post that I wrote maybe 3 hours ago.

Ben Folds Five is pumping through the car, and the sun is setting over my left shoulder. We’re heading up the coast in northern California right now, skipping Redwood on a whim so that we can get to Portland a few hours early.

We got off Route 101 at the Fields Landing exit, which turned out to be a little bridge building town. Jesse hit it off with two young kids — he always does — while the rest of us went exploring. We were right near the coast, and we walked up to a little beachy area along the bay. On the way, we crossed some abandoned railroad tracks and passed huge piles of lumber. These were strange sights.

We met up with Jesse as we headed back to the car. He was conversing with the two kids. They led us to the post office and we took a little group shot. Then I mailed my first round of postcards. Then we headed off toward Eureka for a nice dinner. That’s where we met a trophy girl.

As for San Francisco, well, I enjoyed it much. But the bars need to calm down about the carding.

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