You like Gogol Bordello? You like World/ Inferno Friendship Society? Do you follow them around like a creepy band of Mansonesque stalkers? Well there’s a new band for you crazy fuckers. Straight out of BC the band THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? (possibly named after the Horace McCoy novel) is a marvelous combination of brass and shouting and sweating and light-hearted violence, and well, you get the point.

I saw them play in Montreal. It was great. Seriously. They had twenty large cardboard tubes that they were beating on the ground to start out their set. This turned into them beating eachother with shards of tubing and the audience participating in thte destruction. Then we started to toss them at Chris, the keyboardist. He was giggling and screaming like a little girl. I was amazed that 5 guys and 1 girl from Canada could generate such goofy chaos among seemingly normal human beings. They turn the sane insane and cows into moose. I don’t know what cows or moose have to do with it. Probably nothing. Unfortunately, they really only play Canada, so bundle up and take a drive up to this icy hell hole and warm up to the retarded giggling that TSHDT invokes. Or you’ll have to take my inarticulate account of the show. And if that’s not good enough for you…well…fuck you. Sorry.Also, you can’t hear them on the website. No MP3 sample. If you are a myspace nerd (like me) then you can check out a sample on their myspace page. But the website is really interesting, as are the linked sites. Sorry.

PS: If you like raccoons and rudimentary graphics, check out Robb’s (member of the band) website (click the link i guess.)

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