The One AM Radio holds a special place in my heart; simple, lustrious instrumentation pieced together over skitish beats and held together by frontman Hrishikesh Hirway’s sweet, soft, and downright beautiful vocals. Hopefully, Hirway’s recent decision to drop the name “the One AM Radio” will have no effect on the wonderfully crafted pieces of Low-Fi folk-pop textured with punk and electronica songs he’s been releasing for the past few years.

Anyway, Hirway’s coming out with a new album soon, which means it’s a perfect time to re-visit all of the One AM Radio’s work (although, I never really stopped listening). The critically lauded “A Name Writ in Water” is a great place to start, but their “99, 100″ track off of a split EP with Ted Leo is the one song that can grasp people and make them instant fans. For those really inclined, there’s a video for “Witness” off of “A Name Writ in Water” on Hirway’s website. Although it starts off a bit odd (a little like the song), it shines a light on the music Hirway infuses all of his releases with; a melancholic beauty that captures the intensity of the seasons changing from Spring to Summer. And kickball.

The One AM Radio/Hrishikesh Hirway
Witness (Video)

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