D.C.’s Favorite Son

March 11th, 2006

Ted Leo of course! Former Chisel frontman, punk behemoth, and all around awesome guy, Ted Leo has found his niche in the “scenster” community a couple of years ago with the release of his pop-friendly, Bush-bashing album “Shake the Sheets.” Since then, Leo and his Pharmacists have been prescribing massive amounts of hip-shaking songs for the greater of the nation, headlining major festivals across the country.

Well, it looks like Ted and Co. may return soon enough; they’ll be headlining the Pitchfork festival at the end of July, playing their part in Coachella on April 30th, and have just made a decisive move to Touch and Go Records (as TV on the Radio made their way over to Interscope). With all that hoopla, Leo must have something in the works for the year, but so far, he’s only given a snippet. Leo and Co. have posted two demo tracks of new material on their website a couple of weeks ago, the best of the two being “Some Beginner’s Mind.” The song starts off with a huge distorted bang and shows a little arena rock idealism blending with Leo’s signature wail and jittery guitar work. It may not be Leo’s best work, but I’m certainly looking forward to some new material from the darndest punk poet on the planet.

Ted Leo + Pharmacists
Some Beginner’s Mind (MP3)


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