This one is for the hipster thrift-store clerk in NYC who stole my heart with the help of this band…

Washington Social Club has been around for a couple of years now. They began to get press while drummer Randy was a DJ for the now-defunct, but forever awesome alternative station, WHFS. Soon enough, the Washington Post and MTV were drooling on them, they grabbed a spot at SXSW with millions of other bands, and even got a spot on the 10th Anniversary Warped Tour of 2004, sharing the stage alongside Atmosphere and NOFX. Still, the band hasn’t quite reached its peak, but continue to strum along as one of the current top acts from our Nation’s Capital that isn’t connected to Dischord.

Right now, Washington Social Club have a new CD in the works. You can catch a couple of the tracks from the CD off their website. Yet, it’s their first, and only CD that will have a special place in my heart and in some cute hipster girl’s heart who’s name I never caught. You know that moment when you really connect with a person over some vague shared concept? Well, that was WSC’s “Breaking the Dawn,” the band’s best song off of Catching Looks; filled with catchy guitar hooks, pop-friendly garage rock instrumentation, and quick-paced lyrics that stick in your head, it will forever be the band’s definitive song. At least for me, and for one cool girl in New York. Either way, check the band out before the British press gets a hold of them and proclaim them as the greatest American group since the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence convened.

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