If you haven’t heard of Drawn & Quarterly then don’t worry, it just means you aren’t as much of a nerd as you thought. D & Q are the major indie comic book publishing company in Montreal, and put out the likes of Adrian Tomine I met Keith Jones at his Drawn & Quaterly book release at the cavernous Zoobizarre in Montreal a month ago.   He sat behind a pile of his books, with the goofy smile of an autistic five-year-old. He tried to explain the purpose of his first published book, BACTER-AREA.

It’s not your typical graphic “novel”. The miniature eighty-four page book is riddled with colorful, chaotic Where’s Waldo? type layouts with the ocassional talk bubble/ absurd narrative. He also has a few photographs in this scrapbook of sorts where he has drawn cutouts and placed the in a room with himself. When I asked him to tell me about the book, he giggled and told me that it was a scrapbook of sorts. And it is a scrapbook in the sense that it is filled with an assortment of unrelated images, yet the stylized drawing of Keith are consistent enough to pull this book together and maintain a steady coherence. His art, like Richard Scary, is extremely colorful.


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