This is the post to introduce you all (is anyone reading this shit?) to a new component of the WBG entertainment: literary reviews. But when I say “literary reviews” what I really mean is: graphic novel reviews. Graphic novels are better than books, and I think I can say that because I’m an english literature major. It’s a bound, paper book that has both story, dialouge, and art! Unfortunately, it is not really considered seriously in either school of thought and therefore slips through the cracks of scholars and gentlemen. But fuck scholars and gentlemen. The world knows of Salinger and Tolstoy, Van Gogh and the Dali, but how many are aware of Sim and Claremont? And even with the current trend of comic book movies like X-Men, Sin City, and Ghost World, many of the sincerely good books are unable to travel outside of the web that is comic book dorks.

I have no problem admitting I am one of them. No, I don’t fantasize about fucking Lois Lane, nor do I even care for Superman, but goddamn there is nothing like a good comic! And yes, I’ve been told that they talk about comic books on the O.C., but do you think the people who watch that who run out and pick up the new issue of Batman? Fuck no they don’t. So I’m gonna try to get you boys and girls turned onto comics: let you know which ones are the good ones and which ones to stay the fuck away from (cough, couch Archie, cough). So…yeah! Enjoy.

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