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February 10th, 2006

I know that I, as I’m sure many of you, love ingenious band names. I also enjoy generally good bands, but that’s a completely different subject. So believe my surprise when I stumbled upon a band that upholds the best of both worlds.

When I first saw Page France, I immediately thought of Sage Francis. I don’t know why exactly, because they sound nothing like the emo-bohemian rap that composes Francis’s sound. Instead, I found a wonderful blend of melodic acoustic pop, with a male and female vocal spectacle leading the way. They remind me a little of the Jolly Rogers/Oh No! Oh My! as far as their ideals to stick to simplistic, thoughtfully composed folk tunes are concerned. Upon further listening, the vocal work is quite reminiscent of Death Cab or even the Decemberists, if such a combination is possible to imagine. Either way, I think I prefer these guys. And they’re from Maryland, hooray!

Page France
Chariot (MP3)
Rhythm (MP3)

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