I was introduced to a friend of a friend the other night, who’s in a band, who happened to be singing when i was supposed to be introduced to her. That someone is Liz Powell of Land Of Talk (Montreal). She’s probably already my favorite thing about this city right now. Liz is an incredible songwriter, a great great guitar player and her singing is sort of Cat Powery, you be the judge, but I think it’s really unique. The way she delivers seemingly normal lines, and maneuvers through her verses like she’s making it up as she goes along, is just utterly amazing. Liz has this awesome ability to make everything she sings catchy, which is why everyone that knows her thinks that she’s gonna be Montreal’s next big export.  Anyway, I got introduced to her music at the perfect time, because this sort of stripped down “rock” is all I want to listen to right now. Coming off a rather long ambient electronic kick, and then just classic jazz for a few weeks, now I’m all about the rock trios: Built To Spill (!), Pedro The Lion, Wilco (not a trio), etc.

So saturday, Liz is doing a gig with this Montreal improv squad called LABprojects that I just wrote an article on last month. It will be all improvised, so no Land of Talk material, and there’s gonna be a buttload of other musicians that us Canadienistas love to be around: Olga and Jace (Besnard Lakes), Liz (Land of Talk), Robbie and Simon (Patrick Watson’s band), Sarah (Hhaka), Rhyna and Vid (Moondata) and handful of djs and projectionists. Should be interesting, I’m only really going to this show to try and swoon Liz into giving me a free copy of her new EP….updates soon to follow.

okay, so rather than me uploading files onto this already too-cluttered site, here’s her myspace account, where y’all can hear just what this wonderwoman sounds like (ethan, let me know what you think, I had a feeling you’d like this one):


*(secret): I’m listening to her now :)

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