Goblin somethin’ delicious

February 9th, 2006

Ahh… the first post. Let’s start it with some fun.
Love Pinback, but would rather spend more time rocking out than listening to music that could put you to sleep easier than energizing you? Have a secret love for metal, but you don’t want your friends to make you into the outcast you secretly are? Well, here’s the band for you.

Rob Crow (Pinback, Heavy Vegetable), has come out with his millionth side project, and it may be his best this month. Goblin Cock is for all the hipsters out there with a sense of humor and a thirst for crunching melodic metal. So, for the two of you, check out Goblin Cock for the best cover, best band name innuendo, and best indie metal since…

Goblin Cock
Stumped (MP3)


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