This post dedicated to Ilsa

December 24th, 2007

We spent yesterday afternoon walking around Decatur, Atlanta, with Ethan’s brother Jared, sister-in-law Heather and baby niece Ilsa. My god, Ilsa was cute. We went to CVS where we showered her with gifts.

That was when we realized that what this trip needed was a baby.

But where will we find a baby to push in a stroller through the American south? The Feuer household? Craigslist? Perhaps this question is the true challenge of our roadtrip.

Or perhaps we are getting a decade ahead of ourselves. As one member of roadtrips past commented, we have already gone from recklessness in the West 18 months ago to pushing around babies in the South today. Maybe that is enough change for 1 and a half years. We sure wouldn’t want to crimp our style in our next stop, New Orleans.

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