Cough, Prologue!

December 22nd, 2007

(So Jesse forgot to explain what trip we are exactly, on, though his observations on 95 is quite accurate…thus, a very very very quick explanation!)

So on this roadtrip we are attempting to explore the South, stopping in random towns, playing in church playgrounds and running around the big cities!

Itinerary. Dec 21st to December 30th.

Googlepus. (thats a joke from Jesse?)
Return on the 30th. Then onwards to NYC for new years, if we’re still healthy!

But yes, the roads here are absurd. They change name at least once every 5 miles and the amount of huge 30 foot crosses/american flags we see randomly next to billboards continue to increase exponentially.

I think we aren’t lost, not sure…but at least we are blasting Crystal Method and being nostalgic.

Back to Jesse’s post. Hurrah!

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