Fuck you, Interstate 95

December 22nd, 2007

We’ve been had. The holiday roads are greedy sons of bitches, filling their bellies with as many hunks of gas, metal, rubber, and flesh. Traffic bleeding into the vanishing point along the horizon and our plans put through the shredder.Trying to make it from Silver Springs, Marlyand to Asheville, North Carolina in seven hours has became as impossible as enjoying sex while listening to Neil Diamond. The possibility and endless permuatations that spawn from a saturday night in the hippy haven of the east coast; the opportunity to prey on the kindness of their hearts for a night of carefree, barefoot love was set aflame by the inadequecies of america’s roadways and the commercial success of Christmas. So now, to avoid further road complications tomorrow and to score free lodging courtesy of Jared Feuer, we (Sacarny, Ethan and I) trek on through the night and the early morning, and with only six hours to go, we are bloodthirsty hellhounds and we’ve picked up a scent, and that scent is Atlanta.

Also, much love to Momma Patton, Coach, Itzel, and her mystery baby, for letting us crash at their place and compose the most symphonic breakfast and stimulating conversations and letting us dismember their cat and bury it in the backyard. One of those events did not actually transpire.

Music: My Latest Novel, Phil Collins, Blind Willie McTell, Jackson 5, The Monkees
Books: Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, Raymond Chandler’s “The Big Sleep”

Yr gonna have to wait for pictures because instant gratification spoils all.
(To come: Nashville, Louisville, insane anti-darwinian nazis, pterodactyl copulation, Birmingham lynch mobs? and the steel mills of Pittsburgh…stay tuned.)

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