Greetings from Berlin

June 23rd, 2007

Why hello everyone from sunny and rainy Berlin. I know we’ve faltered a bit on the updates but that’s because we were so busy in Amsterdam…

But seriously, about Amsterdam. If you ignore all the stoned tourists sexing it up with the prostitutes, it’s a complete paradise. The transportation system there is unlike anything I have ever seen. Businesspeople bike to get to work. Trolleys run on tracks along the most important roads — and they actually move quickly. There’s very little traffic due to the biking and trolley alternatives.

On the other hand, everything is expensive. Our hostel was overpriced and charged for minutiae, which gave us a bad feeling even before our stoned roommates kept us awake with their poor coordination and heavy snoring.

We also managed to secure a pretty good deal for a train from Amsterdam to Berlin. The trip was fast and we befriended the other travelers in our car. I definitely prefer the train travel experience to the bus travel experience, but trains are unfortunately too expensive to be the main mode of transportation for this trip.

Stay tuned for updates on Berlin. Ethan continues to take pictures so those will surely be up soon.

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