Hello everyone!
This post comes to you from lovely Brussels, where Sacarny and I are sitting on a nice bed, in a nice house, courtesy of Bregman and Sonia (man the beer is amazing here!)

Aye, sorry about our lack of positng. The issue is that the nature of this trip doesn’t really lend itself towards a updated travel log. Its quite hard to upload pictures and write when you are only saying in a city for 48 hours. Time is of the essence and all that garb.

(For those of you who don’t know, our itinerary is quite intense…something like this: Dublin –> San Sebastian –> Barcelona –> Paris –> Belgium –> Amsterdam –> Berlin –> Pargue –> Florence –> Rome (at this point sacarny leaves, and I continue onwards) –> London –> Conwy, Wales –> Dublin)

So yes. Enough rambling, lets shake some dust and start at the beginning!!!

Below are some updates with pictures on Dublin, San Sebastian and Barcelona. Please don’t mind the probably great deal of grammatical and spelling mistakes. They were written in pieces, at different times, in different states of mind and on different levels of sleep. So, yah, hopefully they make sense and are somewhat fluid.

(Also, as per Jeremy’s smart request, the sidebar on your right now displays a random image from the Europe photo gallery)


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