…and it shines for all of us. Apollo Sunshine kicks ass. they’ve got a double-necked guitar/bass, what could be cooler??? The singer sort of reminds me of ethan, but with a funky rhythm that’ll knock your rockin’ shoes off the clock. They were busting the jukebox open tonight and ripping up all the pages, i’m surprised that no guitars were harmed during the process of the show (Lupo’s, Providence RI–opening for The Slip). Apollo Sunshine makes Shiney Time Station look like “slimey clay-mation”. Hailing from bumblefuck Massachusetts, these blues-pop-freakout multi-instrumentalists kick so much ass when they play live, it’s like they brought back Chuck Berry from the grave to solo over a Lightning Hopkins tune. Or its like when Comets On Fire trades lunchbag doritos for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s oreos…..what could come of the rest of this three show tour?!?!?!? we’ll see, come one, come all, to Brooklyn!!


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