That quote, courtesy of a very drunk high schooler who led us to a sandwhich place on our first night at San Sebastian…

Anywho, San Sebastian this tiny city right on the water, is probably one of my favorite stops along this trip so far.

The interesting thing about it was that it was our first part of the trip where we really felt like foreigners. It was a different language, cuisine and way of life. Dublin was crazy, but we felt too comfortable there.

Digressing! Sorry!

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Upon getting in San Sebastian we had no clue where our Pension (a hotel where basically an owner rents out his or her house. Very cheap, thus, good!) and luckily a very enthusiastic old man walked us to the correct bus stop. It was at that point that I realized that my spanish skills were not going to be up to the task for navigating this city.

Anyway, San Sebastian is just stunning. The beach is intimate and clean. Outside the beach, there is the “Old Village” where countless shops are open until 2am. The alleyways of this area are narrow, beautiful and quite old. Its just daunting to walk down into this city and stare at this architecture. Additionally, each alleyway is infested with tons of interesting bars offering their own takes on tapas. Tapas are awesome and cheap. Right outside the Old Village, is probably in my opinion the most absurd part of San Sebastian. Walking out of the Old Village on the right you suddenly see this huge hill with a rock wall twisting around it. This wall is what remains of old Spanish fortifications built to keep out the British. Adding to image, on top is this huge Jesus statue put there by Franco as a big “fuck you” to all enemies of his National party.

And aye, as Sacarny mentioned, we spent one night walking around and bumped into some kids just fishing on the dock. We sat down, eventually starting talking with them, they offered us beer, tips on how to fish for octopus (it involves flashlights and rocks) and their take on Spanish/Basque indepdence. We were supposed to meet them the next day for some drinks but sadly we didn’t have time.



The Old Village! An amazing part of San Sebastian full of beautiful churches, archways and bars. (For some reason, pop punk is loved here, and many bars filled with high schoolers were blasting it. Additionally, saw many kids wearing “bad religion” and “iron maiden” shirts)




Tapas!! Every bar we went into, offered their own version of this cuisine. So cheap and good.




An example of one of the many stunning cathedrals in San Sebastian.




A traditional Basque wedding we just happened to stumble upon. Its hard to see it in this picture, but at the end of the wedding dancers dressed in a traditional long dress do high kicks and twirl before presenting the new couple with a set of flowers.




Franco took the beautiful old walls atop the hill in San Sebastian and put in tons of cannons. He just loved big guns and fortifications.




A view of San Sebastian from up on top of this hill.




San Sebastian is full with tons of stray cats (and dogs without leashes…) This lady goes everyday and feeds the cats on top of the mountain. She was surrounded by at least 13 of them. She was a bit interesting…




The old city hall of San Sebastian (which is right on the beach) at night.


The beach at night…




Drinking beer and being taught how to fish.




This guy was the man. One of the university students who just sat on the dock, gave us beer and talked to us about the independence situation in Spain.




Franco also liked putting huge religious icons all around Spain, to serve the purpose as a big “fuck you” to the more secular republicans of the nation.




San Sebastian and Jesus. Two thumbs up!!!



Tis all for now! Updates on the way!

As always, you can look at the rest of the pics here…

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