Dublin!!! (boring title!)

June 16th, 2007





Dublin, the first stop of the journey.

Upon first landing we quickly realized how beautiful and old this city is. Its also quite tiny and intimate. Everyone seems to obey the crossing of roads and there is very little if any trash on the sidewalks. Additionally, everyone was amazingly nice to us and helped us get to the Avalon Hostel, where we stayed in a room with 30 some-what-beds. I could go on about dublin, but it would probably bore you.

Click below for the story of Dublin, told with both pictures and text. Aye!


Basically, the highlights. The Cathedrals and Trinity college were stunning. We met a nice 28 year old at the hostel named Javier. Javier didn’t speak english well and was over in Dublin, from Spain, looking for a job. He was having a tough time. Anyway, we couldn’t really hold a conversation with him, so we went out drinking. Seemed like a good idea. Anywho, the next day, we woke up, sacarny got locked out of the room, did more touring, then went out at night and found a great deal of people gathered in a square watching a pre-recorded concert of Bruce Springstein. Thus, we went to the pubs again and met some great random guys from the UK. We drank with them, and argued over their belief that our american accent would get us more women in UK then theirs in the US. We still till this part the journey, greatly protest that (Tim, if you’re reading this, we can argue it when you come to Boston). After the bar closed down, we joined them to a club.

Once at the club, we continued to drink more, and then met some local Irishmen…who then drank with us. Upon these Irishmen realizing we were American, they started to quote Wrestlers from the WWF and WWE. We were clueless, but the UK chaps joined in and started cheering. At that point we realized that they really liked wrestling and that we were out of the loop. It was at that point that someone had the ingenious idea of heading down to the dance floor. Sacarny and I take a couple minutes and then go down to join them. Upon walking down the steps we suddenly see that Tim (from the UK) was going nuts and high fiving a professional wrestler…we continue walking downstairs and realize that (according to a nice man in Paris who identified the pictures) Johnny Nitro, Santino Marella, Shad, Micky James and Malina were all partying at the club. So, we then danced with professional wrestlers, somehow drank more and got back to the hostel.

All in all, a typical time in Dublin we guess?



Trinity College, created to “educate those barbarian protestants” was just stunning and oh so old! It made you think that every other college in the states was attempting to duplicate it.




While at Trinity College, we just stopped and lay down on the quad. These people were just going at it. We applauded them.




We wanted to know some sites to check out in Dublin so we walked up and started talking to these two old men. Man, they rocked. They really seemed like old whalers. Also, they loved talking about their children and soccer.




Dublin Castle, one of the oldest and most famous castles in Ireland. Also serves as a great parking lot.




A beautiful and old cathedral in the heart of Dublin. People were just walking around it. Its amazing how used to these historical places locals are. Something this old would be gated off and stared at in the states.




Javier was the man. Sadly we couldn’t hold a conversation with him long. I got the sense though that if we could, he would fit right in.




…not sure what the hell is going on in this one…




Dublin was amazingly friendly. Everyone there just talked to us, and loved telling us what we should see and where we should drink. We would then walk with them, and meet other random guys, drink with these new people and continue onwards. By the end of the night we had a solid gang of guys.




Gary, one of our new-found friends.




Sacarny having a blast dancing.




While at the final bar/club we ran into wrestlers. I think this is Johnny Nitro???




And I believe this is Santino?




…and this was Shad, I think. Its a bit of a blur…



So all in all, Dublin was an amazingly beautiful and friendly city. I think we had somewhat of a authentic couple of nights there. Except for maybe partying with WWE wrestlers, that was just absurd.

Ok. Thats all for now. We miss you all.

…and as always, here are all the pics if you so desire.

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