A Utopian Musical Vision

March 23rd, 2007

I had this idea recently, and I wanted to know what some people thought, or maybe what I could do with this idea. But I’m putting it out there so that it becomes public domain and not something that I keep bottled up away from everyone else, so that if I can’t make it happen, hopefully someone else will…

I was thinking about the whole nature of field recordings and how in reality, when you listen to sound samples of anything from the urban environment to recording the resonating frequency of a can on a mountain or something. I listen to a lot of this stuff and it bothers me because in a way, the act of recording puts up this glass wall between you (the listener) and the Earth sounds being recorded. So, I was thinking of this sort of movement of bringing music and nature back together without power. With acoustic instruments or even non-amplified, non-instrumental sound objects and concerts in the woods, or by a river or a pond. Or on some rocks, or a beach. Its like this utopic communion of human-influenced sound (ie: the sound of guitar and violin strings, etc) and sounds that humans cannot manipulate (ie: bird song, waves crashing) AND the difference between the sound of a guitar in a room, with metal and wood in the area and sound resonating with open air and off the grass and rocks.

So maybe I could set up a minimal drums, violin and guitar trio and some noise, and try to do a tour playing gardens and parks and beaches and not charge admission but donation. Is it doable?

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