June 27th, 2006

Le Fly Pan Am est mort. :(

My thoughts resting on a comfortable bed of
Danny Glover and Martin Lawrence.
Your beauty, your immaculate taste in decoration!
Oh, brother does it grab my attention.
Glover, who’s he?
You are short, but just cutely so, ticket lady on the left.
And you, in the middle desk with the white polo shirt (embroidered is the logo you so proudly serve, on your left, wait, yes, left breast), you are slightly overweight, chubby in the cheeks, this is not your fault.
And then you, blonde and thin, you run back and forth making sure the quality you guaruntee is upheld.
Behind you angels of the skies, you Rocky Mountain love goddesses, a sheath emblazoned with imitation-neon posterboard cutouts in the familar shapes of the peace-sign, the daisy and the happy face.
Hippy-kitsch for the new millenium.
I wonder where your next flight is headed.
I wonder what you, blonde and thin, look like in the shower. In an outdoor shower in the summer, or in your yoga sessions. Sweat beads steamrolling down your soft-fabricked sport-wear.
I am a stranger lost in the living jungle of my own imagination.
I have forgotten my machete in the Land Rover and my latest bug-spray application is beginning to wear off.
Take me away with you, take me into the clouds on your metal chariot and above the rainbows of the ominous Southwest.
Will there ever be salvation?

Mr. Larkin, Mr. Kyle Larkin. Mr. Samuels, Mr. Paul Samuels. Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Robert Jenkins…

We are back in the airport now, returned from whence we came. (They are calling people to the office, or whatever.) It doesn’t quite feel like it is over — after all, I am still using cell phone internet on Mr. Laptop, and we are pushing our bags around on Mr. Cart, and Josh just asked if I could give him directions from Mr. Map.

But in a few hours we will be watching 36 channels of DirecTV as we take our 4 hour cross country flight. Then trusty Lance will pick us up in the Previa (Mr. Previa? Ms. Previa???) and bring us home, and that will be that! So perhaps some thanks are in order.

(Ms. Snow, Ms. Tinnaeus Snow, please report to gate B31…)

Mr. Young for driving us to the airport
Jay and his friends for getting us a place to stay in and showing us around Vegas
(Mr. Curry, Mr. Sean Curry, please come to a payphone at the courtesy booth…)
Noah, who gave us wireless internet and put us up in Los Angeles
Allison and Mike, for putting us up in San Francisco, and not to mention cooking us food and taking us to a Giants game! (And the lovely Taemi, we’ll never forget her)
Cedar, Faith, Tate, Aaron, and Steve for letting us stay in their awesome house in Portland, and playing with us, and just being cool in general
Shaked for playing with us in Portland, and giving us good advice
The park rangers and ambulance squad who helped get Jesse from the beach to the hospital
Jesse for being a good sport even when he couldn’t stay on the trip with us
Lou, for playing with us in Seattle
Roberto, whose netshop in Vancouver gave us 2 hours of fun
Diane, for giving us advice and a ride to a bus stop, and inadvertently taking us to a great party
The idiots at the party in Vancouver who let us get free beer and food even though we had most decidedly not RSVP’d
Karen, for giving us a place to stay and showing us around Vancouver. And Vanessa for offering a place and showing us around too.
Jordan, whose Hebrew heritage offered us comfort in the foreign land of Victoria.
Sean and Nathan, who gracefully introduced us to Jordan (thus getting us free beer) and then brought us to a bar/lounge for great fun
Dale, a middle aged ex teacher who we met on the Anacortes ferry.
Lance, who is going to pick us up tonight, and did an amazing thing by scanning our birth certificates and passports so we could go to Canada.
(Mr. Kerry, Mr Sean Kerry and Mr. Pike, Mr John Pike, please go to a white courtesy telephone…)

Is that all? Surely it is not! This trip was made possible by the efforts of so many people besides ourselves. Thank you to everyone and see you all soon!

(A final addition: Walter and all the people at Enterprise for renting us a minivan and apparently driving Josh and Ethan to the airport — they just arrived!)

So this is the end of the trip. Currently josh and i are being rushed to the denver airport by an awkwardly silent man named walter to meet up with the other two ruffians. we dropped off good old mr. Minivan, it seems we drove 5740 miles…far more the original planned 3800. It was an amazing journey, we are now all enamored with this great country. We’ll write a more detailed conclusion later…


June 15th, 2006

Dearest Boys,
On behalf of your last stretching leg, I have included a poem I wrote about our good ole’ U.S. of Canadian “Eh?”. I hope that you enjoy. It is dedicated to all you silly folk, driving ’round and sitting ’round.


Before Wendy died before time became arduous, before post services
were greeted at my door with grimaces and looks of sulken
anger, before the meloncholy of the trees’ leaves
began to fall, I Murrowed a terrific persona.

Before peeling skin developed a deep passion for the
outdoors, before close friends scolded family members
for inappropriate outspokenness or whatever other
ballyhoo they could erect in their hateful, hurtful
hearts of malice, of darkness, before the lemons of
Eleanora Primket, oldest Princetown mayoress alive,
turned sour, before all this, you once told me,
teacher and friend, chin up and chin out, a
raven is a block of wood, and whatever
other ballyhoo you could consider.

Before then, I hadn’t heard of “Indian Sunrise,”
of rumbling, jungle, I hadn’t seen
the branding of meat for wholesale American wholesale.
Before, I smelled America in wax candleshops and
truck stops with their staff of chicken soup
bowls, pea soup and candy cardboard.
Before Rosenbergy and Rosenthal ate gravel’s metal underbelly, afoot and
airborne, I had only ice-water and plastic-wrapped
oyster crackers.

I hadn’t buttoned-down my plaid Americana,
I hadn’t fit my foot its right size.
Today we meet, myselves, the knowles, plains, gardeners,
ranch-hands, businessmen, suit-beggars, invalids,
immigrants and whores.
We spread jams and drank tea to funeral processions
and bacterium and meter-maids and fields of rice.
We shook hands in the desert, pissed on each other’s
clothes, drunken, familiar tunes in a jukebox
plugged firmly to the back wall-socket.

Danced never clapped, our boats stayed anywhere but still,
and lost in the wide, blackheaded rocky terrain
Appalachia Appalachia, Elysian fields, here we speculate,
listen, for morsels of answers to our America

flag resized

A message from the bonified flaggers of Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

Happy Goddamn Flag Day, America!! To all of our friends and loved ones out there, who may or may not have a pair of Tetons jiggling behind them, we urge you (if you dare call yourselves hearty Americans) to dig out that old, wrinkled flag (be it of state or national design) and clutch it like bed covers on a stormy night. Raise her up high, give her a wave in the wind and yell out your favorite “Boss” lyric—declare your American-ness to the World! Today, all of our passionate cries across the 48 will be heard by our wretched, untalented representatives in Deutschland and perhaps later this week, we’ll see Italian blood stains on German turf. Giddy-up fellow flaggers!


June 12th, 2006

Well, we made it to Yellowstone. Yogi is in the back, sitting with Josh. Ethan acquired a special treat for flag day. And we’re eating poultry tonight!

It’s so pretty here, so I think I’ll use the internet.

So, four days left in the trip and jeremy discovers that, yes, we can actually take out the back seats…Also, we are very low on food and had to finally eat the pepper steak soup that sacarny was raving about, Jesse, you didnt miss out…

and more pictures!

June 10th, 2006

hey, don’t blame us. its hard to upload images when you are constantly running around british columbia.

but now that we have time, and well, internet, images!

an album through ethan’s lens.
another album through josh’s lens.

Back in the states

June 10th, 2006

We had a funny realization the other day. For the first time, instead of heading North and West, we are heading South and East. This means we are on the last leg of the trip. We’ve been out here for a while now, and even though home is looking mighty nice, I don’t think any of us is quite ready to return yet.

We got back from British Columbia on Thursday. We spent 3 nights there, and each was wonderfully absurd in its own way. We made some friends in Vancouver and Victoria, and I basically conclude that people in Canada are really, really nice. Highlights include getting travel tips from a random woman named Diane, crashing a party that required RSVP, seeing the sun set on a beach in Vancouver (which you, yes YOU really ought to do one day — there will be pictures), finding the only Jew under 60 in Victoria, etc. etc.

As for now, we are on rainy day schedule near Glacier National Park, which is in northern Montana. So we are seeing the Da Vinci Code. Maybe we will hike tomorrow. We’re working on getting our pictures uploaded, so check back in the next day or two for them.

Less than sign three