The Very Hungry Caterpillar

June 25th, 2005

goes without saying,
stays without staying
and relays messages behind the backs of
cackling cacophonious whalers, whaling.
we, burning giraffes into the night’s sunlight,
firey depths and kites out of sight,
that’s right! (”it’s time to rock!”)
We, Burning Giraffes come across this phenomenon
of no sleep, no room for cheap,
no vacancies no secrets to keep
just words among a heavy heap
a bail of hay packed nice and neat.
isn’t that something? once in a blue moon
he acomplishes nothing, but tells about everything.
now that’s one heck of a song to sing!
so tag along and grab your things
we’re off to find three lovely kings
a source, of course, of fishing nets
of fascinating marionettes and maybe
troubles will be solved when the tower of babel
reveals Stan Getz, or will they dissolve?
or will they be doubled??
do away with this ungodly day
and cast towards morning in our sleigh.
with eyes as wide and willing as this,
we’ll shovel through the billowing myst.

a beginning.

June 19th, 2005

welcome to we, burning giraffes.

more to come.
don’t you worry your pretty little head.