December 26th, 2007

So last you heard we were dying in traffic or something. Since then we’ve kissed some babies, kicked around Atlanta a bit, driven through bumblefuck Alabama, and tore through the bayou, or around it, whatever highways do. And now we just left New Orleans, which frankly, i found a bit of a let down. I mean, it had this Vegas: get so fucked up and drool like some idiot baby vibe, which i guess has never been my bag. The mentality seems to be “how can i make an even bigger ass out of myself than i do every day?” Which leads to the retarded cavorting of thirty five-year-olds leapfrogging down bourbon street. But all in all New Orleans, architecturally is a beautiful place. And we got to see some awesome ragtime stomp that sounded pumped out of a time machine. But you know what was a huge let down? Nobody spoke like Remy LeBeau. For those of you who don’t know that is…here’s a picture:

Anyway. I could turn that into a whole rant but my heart isn’t in it. We’re on route to Nashville right now, not sure what the fuck we’re gonna do there…but probably a whole lot more than the last two nights (tip: cities kinda blow on Xmas eve and Xmas day). Fuck this. i have nothing to say.

A Utopian Musical Vision

March 23rd, 2007

I had this idea recently, and I wanted to know what some people thought, or maybe what I could do with this idea. But I’m putting it out there so that it becomes public domain and not something that I keep bottled up away from everyone else, so that if I can’t make it happen, hopefully someone else will…

I was thinking about the whole nature of field recordings and how in reality, when you listen to sound samples of anything from the urban environment to recording the resonating frequency of a can on a mountain or something. I listen to a lot of this stuff and it bothers me because in a way, the act of recording puts up this glass wall between you (the listener) and the Earth sounds being recorded. So, I was thinking of this sort of movement of bringing music and nature back together without power. With acoustic instruments or even non-amplified, non-instrumental sound objects and concerts in the woods, or by a river or a pond. Or on some rocks, or a beach. Its like this utopic communion of human-influenced sound (ie: the sound of guitar and violin strings, etc) and sounds that humans cannot manipulate (ie: bird song, waves crashing) AND the difference between the sound of a guitar in a room, with metal and wood in the area and sound resonating with open air and off the grass and rocks.

So maybe I could set up a minimal drums, violin and guitar trio and some noise, and try to do a tour playing gardens and parks and beaches and not charge admission but donation. Is it doable?

Tell one last joke for the counsel in the skies,
And save me a wink in one of your eyes.

I was always too young to know you as a woman
And for that our bond was never that clear
But you’ll always look the same, when I try to get older
You’re the reason I’ll love for the rest of my years.

There’s two ways to see every moment in life
As an end or another foundation.
A life is a collection of our happiest moments,
And you are a momentous inspiration

The tops of sand dunes always sweep off
And twinkle away towards the ground.
But over time the winds change, the sand recollects,
New peaks rise up from where the others came down.

So Judy, the keeper of the loveliest eyes,
The most elegant smile which you never disguised,
Please make them laugh but delay the old punchline,
Wait til they drink, so they spit out their wine.
And you’ll take to your seat, the crown on your head,
With the tablecloth drenched in a scented dark red.
Even the angels can’t keep up with your dance,
I’m only my happiest, when I think of my aunt.

I know this isn’t the greatest place to post something like this, it sort of tears down the mood and the image we’re trying to build for this site, but I figured I’d post it becuase this is my life and what’s happening right now in it, and probably in a few days i’ll remove it.

I figured it out though. The funeral service at the cemetary is this incredibly emotional experience for everyone, and it takes down the whole lot of us, no matter how well we know the person deceased. There is nothing sadder than thinking about the person’s husband or wife, whose life is almost entirely defined by their presence, and thinking how their life will be completely changed from now on. They are alone, casting the first shovel of dirt back into the grave. I couldn’t even do this myself. I couldn’t handle that today. Not for Judy. I couldn’t bear the thought of putting something above her. Yet there is something sacred about the whole process of death. As my grandfather, who I never met and who I am named after, often said, “no one escapes.”

The burial at the cemetary is this straining process. The humans get stuck in the grip of the strainer when all is said and done, and the angels twinkle down and fly away. It sets them free and there’s always one more angel flying away with the crowd that came in.

What really got me was when Steven (my mother’s older brother, Judy’s beloved husband and the love of her life since age 11!) said with tears clouding up his eyes, “well, she had a good run.” Even writing this is hard for me right now. It’s so simple and archtypical a statement, but it fits so perfectly into this slot. Thinking about this powerful image of Steven in the chapel glaring at this gorgeous photo of Judy (the one above), displayed above her casket, will be a painting in my mind. And I’ll never forget it, and I’ll never forget this, and I’ll never forget Judy.

awwwwww mix cd.

July 4th, 2006

i have two hours off at the moment, thus, to waste time, i created a mix cd titled:

“if i were to make a cd for a girl i love, it would go something like this…”

1. punks in the beerlight - silver jews
2. the luckiest - ben folds
3. a murder of one - counting crows
4. fallin’ - de la soul
5. the enemy guns - devotchka
6. susan’s house - eels
7. it overtakes me - the flaming lips
8. she moves she - four tet
9. certain kind of light - gus black
10. if i handle you with care - trembling blue stars
11. you’ve got the touch - stan bush
12. there will be violins - the sharp things
13. there goes the sun - pernice brothers
14. last girl on earth - the presidents of the united states of america
15. do it again - nada surf
16. boombox - mosquitos
17. if i could - lou barlow
18. give me your love (love song) - lambchop
19. evening on the ground (lilth’s song) - iron & wine
20. isabella country, 1992 - great lakes myth society.

awwwwwww. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. mwa.

My thoughts resting on a comfortable bed of
Danny Glover and Martin Lawrence.
Your beauty, your immaculate taste in decoration!
Oh, brother does it grab my attention.
Glover, who’s he?
You are short, but just cutely so, ticket lady on the left.
And you, in the middle desk with the white polo shirt (embroidered is the logo you so proudly serve, on your left, wait, yes, left breast), you are slightly overweight, chubby in the cheeks, this is not your fault.
And then you, blonde and thin, you run back and forth making sure the quality you guaruntee is upheld.
Behind you angels of the skies, you Rocky Mountain love goddesses, a sheath emblazoned with imitation-neon posterboard cutouts in the familar shapes of the peace-sign, the daisy and the happy face.
Hippy-kitsch for the new millenium.
I wonder where your next flight is headed.
I wonder what you, blonde and thin, look like in the shower. In an outdoor shower in the summer, or in your yoga sessions. Sweat beads steamrolling down your soft-fabricked sport-wear.
I am a stranger lost in the living jungle of my own imagination.
I have forgotten my machete in the Land Rover and my latest bug-spray application is beginning to wear off.
Take me away with you, take me into the clouds on your metal chariot and above the rainbows of the ominous Southwest.
Will there ever be salvation?

A new look..

April 10th, 2006

A new look here at weburninggiraffes…
Images on the right.
Nice new color scheme.
You get the picture.

…and oh yah,
multiple updates coming soon.

(and exciting news as well!)

we burning giraffes.

The One AM Radio holds a special place in my heart; simple, lustrious instrumentation pieced together over skitish beats and held together by frontman Hrishikesh Hirway’s sweet, soft, and downright beautiful vocals. Hopefully, Hirway’s recent decision to drop the name “the One AM Radio” will have no effect on the wonderfully crafted pieces of Low-Fi folk-pop textured with punk and electronica songs he’s been releasing for the past few years.

Anyway, Hirway’s coming out with a new album soon, which means it’s a perfect time to re-visit all of the One AM Radio’s work (although, I never really stopped listening). The critically lauded “A Name Writ in Water” is a great place to start, but their “99, 100″ track off of a split EP with Ted Leo is the one song that can grasp people and make them instant fans. For those really inclined, there’s a video for “Witness” off of “A Name Writ in Water” on Hirway’s website. Although it starts off a bit odd (a little like the song), it shines a light on the music Hirway infuses all of his releases with; a melancholic beauty that captures the intensity of the seasons changing from Spring to Summer. And kickball.

The One AM Radio/Hrishikesh Hirway
Witness (Video)

D.C.’s Favorite Son

March 11th, 2006

Ted Leo of course! Former Chisel frontman, punk behemoth, and all around awesome guy, Ted Leo has found his niche in the “scenster” community a couple of years ago with the release of his pop-friendly, Bush-bashing album “Shake the Sheets.” Since then, Leo and his Pharmacists have been prescribing massive amounts of hip-shaking songs for the greater of the nation, headlining major festivals across the country.

Well, it looks like Ted and Co. may return soon enough; they’ll be headlining the Pitchfork festival at the end of July, playing their part in Coachella on April 30th, and have just made a decisive move to Touch and Go Records (as TV on the Radio made their way over to Interscope). With all that hoopla, Leo must have something in the works for the year, but so far, he’s only given a snippet. Leo and Co. have posted two demo tracks of new material on their website a couple of weeks ago, the best of the two being “Some Beginner’s Mind.” The song starts off with a huge distorted bang and shows a little arena rock idealism blending with Leo’s signature wail and jittery guitar work. It may not be Leo’s best work, but I’m certainly looking forward to some new material from the darndest punk poet on the planet.

Ted Leo + Pharmacists
Some Beginner’s Mind (MP3)

This one is for the hipster thrift-store clerk in NYC who stole my heart with the help of this band…

Washington Social Club has been around for a couple of years now. They began to get press while drummer Randy was a DJ for the now-defunct, but forever awesome alternative station, WHFS. Soon enough, the Washington Post and MTV were drooling on them, they grabbed a spot at SXSW with millions of other bands, and even got a spot on the 10th Anniversary Warped Tour of 2004, sharing the stage alongside Atmosphere and NOFX. Still, the band hasn’t quite reached its peak, but continue to strum along as one of the current top acts from our Nation’s Capital that isn’t connected to Dischord.

Right now, Washington Social Club have a new CD in the works. You can catch a couple of the tracks from the CD off their website. Yet, it’s their first, and only CD that will have a special place in my heart and in some cute hipster girl’s heart who’s name I never caught. You know that moment when you really connect with a person over some vague shared concept? Well, that was WSC’s “Breaking the Dawn,” the band’s best song off of Catching Looks; filled with catchy guitar hooks, pop-friendly garage rock instrumentation, and quick-paced lyrics that stick in your head, it will forever be the band’s definitive song. At least for me, and for one cool girl in New York. Either way, check the band out before the British press gets a hold of them and proclaim them as the greatest American group since the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence convened.

February 24th, 2006

what our office should/does look like.