So recently, Jesse “the boywonder” and I had an interesting opportunity to catch some fun bands. We Are Wolves headlined La Sala Rossa the other night, accompanied by two Toronto bands with similar sounds, The Creeping Nobodies and No Dynamics. This show could only be described as an all-out attack of the Prog Rock Nation Army!

I was enamored by No Dynamics’ drummer and his massive amounts of drool that somehow soaked his entire t-shirt. Zoe and I thought perhaps he had eaten a few stray kittens before the show began, and he didn’t quite have time to digest ‘em. The Creeping Nobodies, known ’round these parts for their appearances at art loft concerts and support by local screenprinting gurus, Serigraphie Populaire, rocked out in their custom-made style which wasn’t as proggy/synthy as the other two (unfortunately). Definitely “Art Rock”–their songs mostly feature spoken or yelled lyrics over complex polyrhythmic instrumentals, very freakouty and schizophrenicky. At points, the music was appropriate for some head-banging, just as long as one kept an open ear to the air. “The sound of guns goes HA-HA-HA!!”, the band yelled repeatedly in one of their newer songs. Think of Toronto cohorts Rockets Red Glare, also I heard a serious Fugazi influence (but then again, who isn’t influenced by them?).

Ah yes, We Are Wolves. When it was their turn to take the stage, they took their sweet sweet time and built up a gigantic collective anticipation by closing the curtains. What were they doing back there???, we all wondered, eagerly awaiting the slow fade out of the dj’s filler music. Suddenly it came. Curtains opened and smoke billowed out, we saw the tall color collage artwork displayed all over the stage, we saw the hanging dreamcatchers, and then we saw the Quebecois trio walk out with humongous spray-painted skulls somehow fixed above them. The mosh pits began, and quickly consumed the entire front half of the Sala. These guys didn’t just want to rock, they wanted to fuck your ear drums and kick you while you’re down. It was nuts! They screamed and yelled with intensely reverbed vocals that echoed from every direction; they, like dinosaurs, were acting on instinct and preying on young energy. Although the stamina of the mosh pit didn’t exactly make it to the end, the band clearly made it seem like they had to quit while they were ahead, and ended on a high note with a drawn-out repeditive dance number, sort of akin to !!! (Chk Chk Chk). I could only really think of comparing them to a couple other bands: The synth-core of Duchess Says (Montreal) and the freakout dance-noise of bands like The Flying Luttenbachers or Hide and Seek.

We Are Wolves:
La Nature
L.L. Romeo

The Creeping Nobodies:
Your Likeness

I’ll let the music speak for itself.

…and it shines for all of us. Apollo Sunshine kicks ass. they’ve got a double-necked guitar/bass, what could be cooler??? The singer sort of reminds me of ethan, but with a funky rhythm that’ll knock your rockin’ shoes off the clock. They were busting the jukebox open tonight and ripping up all the pages, i’m surprised that no guitars were harmed during the process of the show (Lupo’s, Providence RI–opening for The Slip). Apollo Sunshine makes Shiney Time Station look like “slimey clay-mation”. Hailing from bumblefuck Massachusetts, these blues-pop-freakout multi-instrumentalists kick so much ass when they play live, it’s like they brought back Chuck Berry from the grave to solo over a Lightning Hopkins tune. Or its like when Comets On Fire trades lunchbag doritos for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s oreos…..what could come of the rest of this three show tour?!?!?!? we’ll see, come one, come all, to Brooklyn!!

You like Gogol Bordello? You like World/ Inferno Friendship Society? Do you follow them around like a creepy band of Mansonesque stalkers? Well there’s a new band for you crazy fuckers. Straight out of BC the band THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? (possibly named after the Horace McCoy novel) is a marvelous combination of brass and shouting and sweating and light-hearted violence, and well, you get the point.

I saw them play in Montreal. It was great. Seriously. They had twenty large cardboard tubes that they were beating on the ground to start out their set. This turned into them beating eachother with shards of tubing and the audience participating in thte destruction. Then we started to toss them at Chris, the keyboardist. He was giggling and screaming like a little girl. I was amazed that 5 guys and 1 girl from Canada could generate such goofy chaos among seemingly normal human beings. They turn the sane insane and cows into moose. I don’t know what cows or moose have to do with it. Probably nothing. Unfortunately, they really only play Canada, so bundle up and take a drive up to this icy hell hole and warm up to the retarded giggling that TSHDT invokes. Or you’ll have to take my inarticulate account of the show. And if that’s not good enough for you…well…fuck you. Sorry.Also, you can’t hear them on the website. No MP3 sample. If you are a myspace nerd (like me) then you can check out a sample on their myspace page. But the website is really interesting, as are the linked sites. Sorry.

PS: If you like raccoons and rudimentary graphics, check out Robb’s (member of the band) website (click the link i guess.)